Saturday, May 10, 2008

Color at Feral

This week I've pulled out the watercolors again and revisited the Krakatoa/Wild Wolves page done for the Feral storyline at Reinder's comic

I originally envisioned it in color when I drew it, and because of the time crunches I often face as a full time career gal I had to skip the color job. This last week I've gone back to them and watercolored them in. He thought they looked so good he's made them into a tower ad and is running them on Project Wonderful.

I have to admit.. I'm pretty happy with it too-- but I am going to invest in some better paper. I miss watercolor.. and you'll all be happy to know, AGD is coming back in color over the summer.

Though we are trading comics back soon, I still want to work on Feral, so you'll see me there too. I've totally slacked off on EOU as of late and I never did find time for Superfreaks (which makes me feel bad). This last year, selling and buying a new house, moving, remodeling and settling into my new job has all been more than I realized. Real life has really cut into my comic schedule-- I so miss it..


I'm re-evaluating my priorities, changing things up a bit.. debating the things I really want to work on. This summer, I want to get back to AGD.. get the AGD novel ready to publish and start a whole new project with Reinder. So I'm plugging away at a buffer, getting AGD up to speed again.. cutting away the things that really don't matter. See y'all soon- Aggie


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